Thursday, January 8, 2009

Danielle's Fitness Goals

Wow, so I have to follow Kadi with my before pics. Hmmm, talk about feeling nervous. I won't lie I would love to have her problem. See the body below is the body I love to hate. The same body that gave birth to my perfect son, the same body that I have abused for years, yet I still despise how it looks even though its served me well. This year that is all changing. No I don't want (or expect) to be tiny. It ain't going to happen, I am a curvy girl. Even at my smallest I had curves. My goal is to get fit and healthy and learn to love who I am.

The stats:
Size 10
Weight: eek, I hate to say. But 155 (though a good portion of that could be the saline filled ta-tas) Height:5'6.5
The goal: defined muscles baby!! And say goodbye to the muffin top.
The pics: see below. Yes, my mirror is dirty. Yes, my dog is sleeping in my bed. Yes, that is a saddle in the background. And yes, if you leave a mean comment calling me fat, I will find you. (joking, maybe?)

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