Monday, January 12, 2009

The Week Ahead

What can you expect to hear on Uncorked this week?
Wednesday: We will be talking about why the west will always be wild! Join us as we chat with the lovely and talented Wendy Bendoni of Bony Pony Ranch Clothing. Wendy is the designer of the clothing line, seen on stars like Heidi Montag, Holly Madison and the Pussycat Dolls' leading lady, Nicole! What makes this clothing line so special? Tune in to find out!
We will also be touching on the taboo topic of plastic surgery. Sure, everybody is doing it. Sure, it is more common to hear women talk about. Why then, is it still so frowned upon? We will be taking callers and sharing our own plastic surgery stories.
Friday: We will celebrate the launch of Uncorked and the pre-launch of True Femme. The night is ours to hang out and get crazy! Trisha, of MomDot, will be joining us for some uncensored fun and live webcam action. We will be confessing our deepest secrets, unveiling the new BloggersGive venture and giving away prizes! The party starts at 6pm PST on You can RSVP here, using Mr.Linky. We hope to see you all on Friday night! Anybody who links back to us or blogs about this, will get an extra entry to win a special prize during the show!


  1. OH you guys!! I am so excited to listen to you do your thang! ;) I told D that my hubby actually cracked a smile and listened to you guys!! I will blog about this Friday's show on my blog tonight!!

  2. Hey guys!! I just did a new post on my blog...devoted entirely to this!!

    Can't wait!

  3. the link is wrong

    it should be stickam...not stickcam


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