Thursday, January 8, 2009

Kadi's Fitness Goals

Ok....(taking deep breaths.) Part of becoming a more fabulous lady, is swallowing our fears and taking the first step. Today, we will be focusing on getting physically fit. Not surprisingly, a whopping 49% of polled readers expressed the desire to lose weight or get in shape this year. Danielle and I are right there with ya! I may not be over weight, but I am not healthy or fit by any means. I am pretty sure that my muscle mass is .1% of my body wieght, or less! I want to get fit and be more healthy so that I live to see my grandkids and spoil them rotten. Why do you want to get fit?
Anybody who is feeling brave and wants to join us in getting fit, may email me their before pics to put up. If not, you can still join us! It would be nice for the readers to see the difference that our new in house fitness diva will help us make over the next few months! Oh, did I forget to mention that Danielle found a smokin' hot fitness expert who has graciously agreed to help us on the road to a more fabulous us? I will be posting about her later on today. For now, here are my before pics and what I'd like to work on:
This is me:

My Stats: starting weight: 107 height: 5'4"
My Goals: Tone muscles
My Areas of focus: Gluteus maximus (butt), thighs and abdominals.

What would you like to work on?

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