Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Root Of The Issue

When Kadi and I started out on this journey, we thought long and hard on how to convey what was in our hearts. We both are affected by the media's images of what beauty is but we also understand the desire to improve ourselves appearance wise and in all areas of ourselves actually.  What woman doesn't get a charge out of dressing up and looking fabulous? If you say "No" your lying. Animals are visual creatures. We are visual creatures. Need proof? Look at the power of brand marketing. When you see a certain image, you automatically associate it with a product. That is the case in daily life also. When we are faced with a woman who is fit and healthy looking? We automatically assume she is happy. Does that mean she actually is? No but when one feels comfortable in their own skin the road to happiness becomes less daunting. It is not vain or selling out to want to make improvements. Whether it be losing 10lbs, eating healthier, coloring your hair, buying a new outfit, taking a class, pursuing your passion, or even getting cosmetic surgery. Making changes and improvements is healthy and normal. It shows you are living and wanting to better yourself. When one just accepts their life as a certain way and becomes stagnant; ceasing to strive for more, is when unhealthy habits and unhappiness sets in. There is no shame in wanting to be the best version of you that you can be. It is how you approach these changes that is the key and why you want to make these changes that matters.  

As True Femme grows and develops, we will be exploring this subject more and more. Both Kadi and I are striving to be more fabulous versions of ourselves inside and out. I hope you will join us and maybe have a little fun along the way.

You are fabulous, baby!!

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  1. you make great points! When you give in and say "I am overweight but OH WELL" is usually the start of a downward spiral...I had that happen to me after the birth of my 1st child


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