Monday, January 19, 2009

You Are Not Alone..

I have anxiety. I have severe panic attacks that make physically ill. Why? Usually no reason other than the inability to slow down the millions of thoughts and fears swarming my already crowded mind. Is this a new thing? Nope, I now realize its been an issue for years, many years. Does this make me a complete nutcase who lacks the ability to live a normal life? Nope, it just means I need to do things a bit differently so I can live a HAPPIER life. See my realization and diagnosis (by a professional) is VERY recent. All this time I wrote off my feelings as stemming from being overworked, taking on too much, or just thinking it was a really bad personality trait.  Its a scary and enlightening moment you realize you need help. You get to a point where you feel like no one understands, you don't even understand. And it doesn't seem to pass, but sits there hanging on. You finally get to the point you ask for help, you open up to those close to you, and you find out your more normal than you thought.  Depression and Anxiety are not as rare as you may think. The statistics state that around one in four adults suffers from some kind of mental illness. Many of these people are talented, very successful, and outwardly living a fabulous life. But the battle within is an obstacle they traverse each and every day. Now these stats are based on the people who have been diagnosed, I would bet the numbers would be EVEN HIGHER if you counted those who were not officially diagnosed but attempt to deal with it on their own, are too embarrassed to seek out help, or just accept the feelings they have as normal.  

The answer does not lie solely with medication. Which yes, I am on. Both Kadi and I are members of the Prozac club. But there are so many lifestyle changes that you can make that are very beneficial to combating stress, depression, and anxiety. These changes combined with meds and therapy (if necessary) can help you learn to live with and manage these disorders. Combined with my meds, I have decided to make some dietary changes, find my triggers, change how I do my daily work, and implement an exercise program. 

Please listen to Uncorked today as we discuss this issue! And visit these sites for more info on treating and managing anxiety and depression. 

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  1. I have had a lot more anxiety with being across the country from my family and have had to find other resources for strength when it gets bad because I can't be on my anti-anxiety meds while alone with my kids {I get sleepy} so--I look forward to hearing the show today! I also have found that dancing ad working out help a lot!!


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